Exhibits Entered into Milcopex 2019

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  • South Africa Revenues - 1st Issue: Usage Within Southern Africa
  • Postal Stationery: South African Republic 1869-1900
  • Orange Free State Overseas Letter Rates - 1868 - UPU
  • A Look at the Philately of Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1954-1964
  • The British Concession at Chinde 1896-1923
  • Companhia do Nyassa 1894-1929
  • Companhia de Mocambique - The Waterlow Issues: 1918 - 1940
  • Christmas "Seasonal name Locations" Cancellations and Postmarks (Non-Competitive) 
  • Attilio Gatti - African Adventurer
  • Allied Occupation of German East Africa, 1914 - 1920
  • Replating Colombia’s 1861 1 Peso Stamp 
  • Colombia – First Perforated Issue – 1883
  • Sudan - The Postal Stationery
  • The Registration Envelopes of the Bechuanalands
  • The French Colonial General Issue: The Eagles Have Landed
  • Forerunners of the Holyland -- Turkish Administration
  • Federal patriotic Stationery During the Civil War
  • The State of the U.S. Mails -- 1909
  • Remembering Shakespeare
  • The "D" Rate-Change Stamps of 1985
  • A Postal History of Hartford, Connecticut
  • Northern Rhodesia to North America 1925 – 1954
  • 'America-England' Ship Letters 1735-1796 . . . Major British-Realm Ports-of-Entry
  • The Evolution of the Post Offices in German New Guinea 1888-1914
  • Philately at the Movies: Metro Goldwyn Mayer's (MGM) Postal History
  • Compliments of the Season: Christmas & New Years Greetings from U.S.  Rural Carriers
  • A Typology of Botswana Meter Marks
  • Provisional Issues of South Vietnam and Their Use: 1963-1980
  • Free to All - America’s Public Libraries 1833 to 1960
  • British Forces in Egypt 1932-1960
  • Aspects of the Philatelic Trade in Mauritius 1885 - 1915
  • Northern Rhodisia 1924 to 1964
  • The Postage Stamps of Rhodisia and Nyasaland 1953-1963
  • The Struggle for Irish Independence May 1916 to December 1921
  • The Provisional Government of Ireland December 1921 to December 1922
  • Souvenirs from Stockholm
  • Irish Heritage & Treasures Definitives
  • Walter Quensell's Tin Can Mail Cachet
  • Westmeath Postmarks 1900 to 1930
  • Christmas Traditions  


2019 Judges and Their Specialties


Ken Trettin (Chief Judge)

Display Exhibits, Postal History, Revenues, U.S. Revenues 

Colin G. Fraser

 19th Century, British Commonwealth, Latin America, Postal History, United States, FIP Accredited 

Kathy Johnson

British Commonwealth, Single Frame, Stampless, Worldwide, FIP Accredited 

Steve Washburne

Europe, Portugal, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Single Frame, FIP Accredited 

Rod Kantor (Australia)

Stamps & postal history of Southern Rhodesia to Zimbabwe (1937 to 2010); British Honduras (1937 to 1957), Biafra, Katanga, South Kasai, Albertville, and Belize 

Milcopex 2019 Exhibits

Opportunities to Exhibit



Our World Series of Philately exhibition provides an opportunity for new and experienced exhibitors to tell a story using stamps, covers and other related material. It may be the story of a single stamp, a set of stamps, one area’s postal history or even your favorite subject illustrated using philatelic material. The Prospectus and Application for our WSP exhibits is below and on the documents page. We expect to be oversubscribed so early entries are encouraged. As an APS World Series of Philately show, the Milcopex Grand Award Winner is eligible for the annual "Champion of Champions: competition at Stampshow 2020.

In addition to our WSP exhibits, we will have two additional opportunities to exhibit. In keeping with our hosting of the Christmas Philatelic Club, exhibitors may enter a 4 or 8-page exhibit that can relate to any aspect of Christmas. Examples: Santa, Christmas trees, stockings, angels, snowmen, gingerbread cookies, winter scenes, nativity scenes, etc. Anyway that you can work the Christmas theme into your exhibit title will fulfill the requirements. The application for entry is below and on the documents page. There are no entry fees in this category.

Relating to the Pan African theme of Milcopex 2019 you are encouraged to enter up to two one-page exhibits to share your philatelic material and to promote the hobby to the public by making them aware of the wide range of African country stamps and covers. Each one-page exhibit must be on 8-1/2” x 11” vertical paper and in a sheet protector. The exhibit should have a title, some text on the page to tell visitors to the show why the stamp/s or cover is your favorite, how it fits into your collecting specialty, or perhaps an interesting or unusual fact about the item. There are no entry fees in this category. The application for entry is below and on the documents page. 


2019 Prospectus and Exhibit Forms

There will be more than 2,000 pages of competitive, national level exhibits judged by APS accredited judges who are listed below. Awards will include Grand, Reserve Grand, Best Single Frame and Most Popular.  The Grand Award winner is eligible to participate in the Champion of Champions competition at APS StampShow; the Grand One Frame Award winner is eligible for the One-frame Champion of Champions at AmeriStamp Expo. A link to download the prospectus and application is below and on the Documents page.

If you have questions or to submit applications, please contact our Exhibits Chair, Robert Henak using the Contact Milcopex Committee button on the home page or by snail mail at P.O. Box 170832, Milwaukee, WI  53217. 

Milcopex Fillable 2019 Prospectus & Application - due July 15 (pdf)


Christmas Theme Mini-Exhibit Application Milcopex 2019 - due August 15 (pdf)


Pan-African Theme Mini-Exhibit Application Milcopex 2019 - Due August 15 (pdf)