Exhibits Entered into Milcopex 2018

We are pleased to have a variety of high quality multi- and single frame exhibits this year and would like to thank the exhibitors for their efforts.  

  • What Does a Donkey Do in His Spare Time? - Non-competitive
  • The Magical World of Harry Potter
  • SCADTA Ecuador Airmail 1928-1930
  • Nicaragua Revenue-Based Postal Provisional Stamps & Uses (1908-1911)
  • Camp George H. Thomas -- Spanish-American War 1898
  • Use of U.S. Parcel Post Stamps 1913-1926
  • Israel Holyland Forerunners - Austrian and French Foreign Post Offices
  • The 1948 Wisconsin Statehood Issue:  Production, First Day Covers, Postal Uses
  • The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017
  • The Pegasus Airmail Issues of Uruguay 1935 - 1944
  • The 1903 Two Cent Washington Shield Issue
  • America's Membership Libraries 1731 - 1901
  • The Library of Congress & Copyright 1865-1930
  • U.S. Embossed Revenue Stamped Paper / Financing the New Nation
  • Early Southport/Kenosha Wisconsin Postal History
  • Study of U.S. Special Delivery Mailing Fee Paid by Regular Issued Stamps from  1907 - 1932
  • A History of the League of Nations
  • Essays, Trial colors, and Proofs during the Washington-Franklin Period: 1908-1917
  • An Ohio Volunteer
  • Washington Island - Scandinavian American Settlement
  • Landpost "Uber Lehrte": an Example of the Rural Mail System in Germany 1933-1992
  • The Irish Gerl Definitives 1968 - 1982, Booklets and Coils
  • American Machine Flag Cancellations -- TypeA-14/A-38 Domestic U.S. Military Facilities WWI 1917-1919
  • U.S. Vended Postal Insurance (1965-1985) a Failed Experiment
  • Ireland in the Great War
  • Mullinger 1901 to 1914, A Typical Irish Town
  • DeLaRue Recess Stamps of Ireland Commemorative Issues 1952 to 1964
  • The Collection of Postage Due Fees in Ireland 1914 to 1925
  • Postcards from Portugal May 2018
  • The 1940 Bermuda 1/2 d. on 1 d. Provisional Overprint and its Postal Uses
  • Palestine Emergency Deliveries, Inc.
  • The Special Booklet Paper Printings of 1928
  • The Trucial States Palm Trees and Dhow Series of 1961
  • First Class Surface Letter Rate from Great Britain and Ireland to the United States, Oct. 1, 1908 - April 30, 1940
  • SPUDS:  Potatoes in the U.S. at the Turn of the Last Century


Jay Stotts (Chief Judge)

Aerophilately, First Day Covers, Postal History, Thematics, Traditional 

Colin Fraser

19th Century, British Commonwealth, Latin America, Postal History, United States, FIP Accredited 

Bob Hohertz

Revenues, Single Frame, U.S. Postal History, U.S. Revenues 

Bill Schultz

Aerophilately, Illustrated Mail, Postal History, Postcards, U.S. & Possessions 

Jane Sodero

Canada, Postal History, Postcards, Single Frame, Youth 

Prospectus and Exhibit Forms

There will be more than 2,000 pages of competitive, national level exhibits judged by APS accredited judges who are listed below. Awards will include Grand, Reserve Grand, Best Single Frame and Most Popular.  The Grand Award winner is eligible to participate in the Champion of Champions competition at APS StampShow; the Grand One Frame Award winner is eligible for the One-frame Champion of Champions at AmeriStamp Expo. A link to download the prospectus and application is below and on the Documents page.

In addition to our excellent conventional exhibits we will also have a separate category of exhibits. Specifically, exhibit titles and subjects must relate to the alphabet letter “P”. Examples: countries such as Panama, Papua New Guinea, or Poland. Philatelic terms like parcel post, penalty envelopes, or Penny Black. Collecting topics might include presidents, plants, or penguins. Anyway that you can work the letter “P” into your exhibit title will fulfill the requirements. These exhibits are designed to introduce novice exhibitors to the pleasures of exhibiting and to give experienced exhibitors a forum for limited subjects. A link to download the  application is below and on the Documents page.

If you have questions or to submit applications, please contact our Exhibits Chair, Robert Henak using the Contact Milcopex Committee button on the home page or by snail mail at P.O. Box 170832, Milwaukee, WI  53217. 

Milcopex Fillable 2018 Prospectus & Application (pdf)


Mini-Exhibit Fillable 2018 Letter P Application (pdf)